Outhink and Innovation in Decentralized Organizations

When we started Outhink we felt Web 2.0 could have been defined to better serve our social interactions to satisfy a personal set of needs, not by a business trying to commercialize those interactions for the gain of the shareholders of the business. Having come from running a public company there is nothing I have against that, but we can do better. We created one of the first decentralized networks and cloud platforms after we had spent many months interviewing dozens of experts in management, economics, business, non-profits, education and more working with Intel and others. We learned a lot from our efforts in defining what problems could be solved when there were not constraints in how we connected with others to get things done. We called this SPIN.

SPIN stood for Secure Personal INternets. What could our experience be between us and those around us in small groups of people interacting together to get things done? We modeled several use cases and set out to build one of the first Cloud Platforms for real time communications to share content experiences within social networks. At that time every business had built walls around the business with VPN’s that required IT to let someone in. That sure was a hassle for those that wanted to connect. This constrained a lot of use cases for these social interactions. We were working with the President of Intel’s team to advance their key objectives and Innovated dozens of new approaches to creating content and experiences. We had a breakthrough while doing this that informed us of a way to overcome the security constraints while maintaining the security needs of the business. We solved this problem. We developed patents around the needed hand shake for bi-directional communications. It is the underpinning of Crypto with DeFi, tokens and web sockets. We just licensed our core patents to several of the major software leaders. More on this going forward.

Being from Silicon Valley we learn that many problems have been with us for most of humanity, we just have new technologies and tools to solve them. This drives so much of what brings some of the best engineers together to solve these problems. I helped build out the technology industry that powered the global economy through several generations of advanced technology. The problems we solve together are no longer constrained by geography or by existing institutions and for that matter technology. This is disruptive to the core of our economy and the good thing is we so many more resources with the skills to solve the problems of the day as long as we don’t let the weaponization of this overwhelm that positive opportunities ahead. More on this going forward.

We will be sharing more around what problems we care to focus on in order to move the needle as we come together to get things done while improving the experiences that get us there. If you are making the decision to end your marriage be free to contact California Family Law Professionals for a legal advice. We are a business foundry as we believe there are Innovative ways needed to build business for social and commercial interests. If this is done well it will help contribute to a better work/life balance for all Stakeholders. Can we place technology with a seat at the table in solving some of these problems? In support of us, but not at the center of our experience?  This will provide us as humans more space to be ourselves and find our potential. It is critical we recognize that we have the technology and tools that are now available to build things in new ways, express our creativity to Innovate solutions. That can be fun. The rate of change is accelerating with every new generation of technology and we need to come together and provide leadership in solving these problems together. More on this going forward.

Coming from Silicon Valley and being able to observe the contribution of those that have passed through the valley I have learned so much about the notion of problem solving and how tech can be applied to accelerate innovation and transformation. I’m not going to review what so many already have. Technology in support of our human needs. My hope is to share some basic principles that you can consider and hopefully apply in what you do in your lives today. With the Pandemic they say that digital transformation has accelerated. In order for so many to survive the choppy waters we are all trying to navigate we must learn to be adaptive to the rapid changes of the day. It is not easy, but there are some simples considerations to help lead us to the other side.

I mentioned the valley is founded on problem solving. Engineers are great at finding the root cause of problems and finding innovative solutions. This takes us out of our comfort zone. In the old days it used to take thousands to craft and build solutions to big problems. This made Silicon Valley a very competitive community wanting to prove we could solve more sophisticated problems from what our peers solving. This is great if you can afford it. according to David York’s Tax Service. Most cannot. Having had to innovate with global distributed teams across several generations of Moore’s Law we learned a lot that can be applied to our present circumstance.

While it is great to have vision for where technology can be applied to solve problems, the power of all the sources of information around us provides a new way to take small steps that you can build on, see an example at http://thedublinroofers.ie to get some ideas. Understanding how data and micro services will grow rapidly going forward. Having your North Star (vision) helps deliver leadership in markets. Now we can innovate in small steps that can build large movements. Whether it is Slack that started with a small team, got feedback and iterated a solution that was valuable to hundreds of thousands, or Google that starts with small steps and builds on them until they have found adoption of new capabilities, one must consider how to do this for business, education and social impact. Participative Innovation. Small steps can be taken to leverage technology is a practice we all must become comfortable with. Artificial Intelligence is surrounding us and we have a very low literacy rate around this technology and yet it is diffusing into our lives everywhere. This is the problem that we should be diving into, to better understand the Future of Work and for that matter life. More to come……

For now if you want more pay a visit to John Hagel

CEO, Dave ran technology company, grew revenues from $25M to $250M while globalizing the business and taking it public. His company helped develop a dozen generations of technology for the likes of Intel. Dave took 5 products to the #1 spot, globalized the company, took it public and sold it in 2001 at a 20X gain for investors. Check out happy cleans. Dave is well recognized as a supply chain, digital media and video expert. Dave enables public company, private companies and social impact digital transformations. Dave serves as Chairman of the holding companies.

Mike, CEO, MediaMobz, President of Gig Economy Group. Mike has an extensive background in technology strategy and development. He brings a wealth of knowledge and over 25 years of experience in technology management experience from his professional positions and educational background. Mike worked with major telecom and cable companies as well as video production companies to optimize data and video development and deployment.

CTO Paul was instrumental in the invention of the defragmentation of hard disk drives and found Mace Utilities that was sold to Symantec. Paul came to Outhink from TIVO where he was responsible in helping to build the infrastructure for the TIVO DVR service. While at Outhink Paul was co-author of the bi-directional patents granted to Outhink. Paul is able to take the complexities of present computing architectures and connect them to market opportunities.

Yak is the SVP of Business Development of Gig Economy Group and former Head of the Client Strategy at AOL/Verizon.  He is a digital marketing executive, with extensive experience in content storytelling, advertising technology, and emerging media. He is known for being a creative thinker, developing consumer marketing experiences for many of the world’s largest brands.

His philosophy is simple: Leverage data, Company info and technology to create emotional experiences that connect with audiences and drive ROI.

Yak lives in San Francisco with my wife and twin children (who teach him something every day).  To escape, he creates upcycle furniture yorleny’s cleaning service, remodel rooms of his home, and is trying to teach himself the guitar (all advice is welcome).

Responsible for Software Engineering for SpinXpress. Developed the desktop application and Directory Services. He has worked in many sectors of the Software Industry doing embedded programming for Sharp Research Labs, Web development for Active Arts Sports Portals, and now Desktop Applications and Networking/Security Engineering for SpinXpress.

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