A Slice of Silicon Valley – Season 1, Episode 22

20 years of Innovation

The best way to innovate is to listen to the needs of the market and provide disruptive ways to better serve customers. We are going through a great transformation in how we interact. A decision was made in the 60’s to make a choice if our information should go through a central location or be designed and architected in a decentralized system. The centralized industrial approach to consolidating data was the choice: command and control. This drove ad tech, commerce and many ways we built services around Web 2.0.

We are using the term Web3 to describe the next generation of our interactions on the Internet. We are missing a major moment in time that will redefine how we communicate, do business, entertain and more as we have for the first time created what some call a “singularity”.

This goes well beyond Web3. A platform that we are all connect to and able to access micro services in ways never before available. This is where innovation will come in the next 20 years.



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