A Slice of Silicon Valley – Season 1, Episode 18

Discusses practicing new ways of doing things in ways that makes you more agile, nimble, and help you outcompete others in the marketplace by doing things that really serve customers better, find new markets, and understand the balance of innovation versus continuous improvement.


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Today I want to continue from our conversation last time about how we can better serve customers.  Something to keep your eyes on is really building forward.  Recently we’ve had the opportunity of connecting like we never have before in Zoom meetings.  Well, our team meetings – the thing that most people lose sight of is if we do it the way we’ve been doing it forever, we get online, we have a meeting, we summarize the meeting.  Maybe we’re taking advantage of staying connected, but we’re not bringing innovation to how we can do that in a more productive way.  

Last time I talked about the notion of bringing cross-disciplinary teams together to better serve customers.  Really at the core of that is practicing new ways of doing things.  It’s very uncomfortable and difficult at times but it’s really important now that we’re connected with each other, is really to try new ways of team building, new ways of getting a better 360-view of what we’re trying to get done.  

As people look at how they communicate and how they bring content into it, practicing, improving cycles of learning and trying those things, failing, figuring out what works and building on that is more critical now than ever in a downturn.  Who knows how deep this downturn is going to be?  You got to be more agile, nimble, and you have to outcompete others in the marketplace by doing things that really serve customers better, find new markets that are going to take the knowledge that exists and expand it and really understand the balance of innovation versus continuous improvement.  

There are different aspects of how people go about understanding how to solve problems and practice the cycles of learning around solving those problems and then taking those to a point of putting them into practice and practicing in a repetitious way that helps you be able to improve a new way of doing things whether it’s taking something that was done and redesigning it or starting from a clean sheet and building something new.  The point is, we now have all these tools.  We should be using these tools to figure out how to break some of the boundaries and barriers we’ve had before to move faster in serving our customers.  

So hopefully there are a few tips today that might help you figure out ways to apply this, practice this, and put it into use at your business or in your personal life.

Thank you.  

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