Getting ready for Decentralized Computing

Outhink over the years has had the good fortune of pioneering some of the first decentralized talent networks that came together to get things done. Today, this is the core of decentralized autonomous organizations. We will see many including Facebook, NVIDIA, Accenture and many others build their own “Metaverse”. Shelly provides a great overview.

“As we transition from the Cenozoic Era (the age of mammals) to the Metazoic Era (the age of metaverses), it should be noted that the vast majority of people entrapped and addicted to social media already live in a metaverse. Social media platforms have nothing to do with reality; the environments depict aspirational worlds where everyone is their very best self. In the metaverse (meta: to describe, verse: egotistically short for universe), everyone lives their ideal lives, visits amazing places, hangs out with incredible people, and has photographic evidence to prove it. In a metaverse, every event is epic, so even mishaps are considered exceptional. How might this evolve? Mark Zuckerberg has an idea.

What is the definition of a Metaverse?

The first time I saw the word “Metaverse” was in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 sci-fi novel “Snow Crash.”……………..

Here is the rest of the story.

We would love to speak about how to take small steps with big impact towards digital transformation in your Digital Marketing efforts. Before, During and after events.

Last month we sponsored an event that communicated a number of Pathways to Innovate as we have been so challenged with the Pandemic. We are all distributed like never before. We have a software story around this but will come back to that another time.  This event amplified the importance of your customer journey and how everyone in an organization needs to understand where it takes place today and how to Innovate the engagement and interactions to build competitive advantage. We learned how this is being applied. How IBM see’s the importance of Humanity first as we bring AI to the forefront of our digital engagement. We explored how the Journey Beyond Fear impacts all of us and if one looks closer the challenges around Digital Transformation come from the fear of letting go of the past which in many cases made us successful but will be evolved with Innovation.

The rate of change that we are confronted with on a global basis is overwhelming our society and we must come together to Innovate and redefine our commercial and social interests. If you have interest in learning about the small steps you can take that lead to bigger things as we Innovate forward please reach out to us.

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