Why did we start Outhink?

At times it is important to mark time. Today is August 18, 2018, around 18 years since the founding of Outhink. This is the first of a series to hopefully engage you with the stories we have collected over the years so we might all lift up our understanding of some things that are impacting our lives as technology rolls through society for good and for yet unknown challenges. I am one view of so many and don’t care to at times come across as one who knows better than the next person living through this. It is time for us to consider the implications of this to design a better future. Our focus is through the Future of Work and how that might also enrich our personal lives.

Paul Mace and I came together as co-founders of Outhink as I was transitioning from spending 20 plus years riding the wave of Moore’s law, helping develop technology and advanced manufacturing around the world. Paul came from TIVO, a game changer and prior to that his own thing when he discovered a better way to organize computing storage. We’ll share some of the early observations when the Internet was barely a few years old but old enough that many of us suffered through the Dot.Com bubble burst. I setting the stage for our story I will take some time to reflect on where we were in the late 90’s with technology in my next post so we might hopefully engage in gaining a better perspective as to how the Internet can better serve us.

The reason I would like to start this website is that Paul and I spent months interviewing people in what they would like to Internet to provide them to improve their experience from what it was at that time. AOL, Yahoo! Netscape, Amazon was just getting started, Google was just founded, no Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, yet alone smartphones at our side. We’ll talk about technology and we as individuals starting to settle in on how we embrace these new ways to communicate though we sure could use better ways yet. Many of the things Paul and I imagined together in the early days are now part of the fabric of our lives. Find reputable criminal attorney in California at monderlaw.com/. We were introduced by the CEO of Intel as the first companies used by Intel that deliver “Cloud Services” one of the first to move giant sized files along the lines of Box, DropBox. Outhink was one of the first social networks for business outcomes. All of this as we entered the new century. Most of these innovations seem so common place today. Where might we take this tomorrow?

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