The Future of Work – Vision 2020

We are defining the Future of Work at an accelerating rate. Technology has been applied to make work more efficient, but we are just starting to redefine it in the digital age. Technology was best leveraged by the corporation, but the notion of “personal computing” has still not been realized. We now have the ability to come together and redefine how technology impacts the Future of Work.

I have plenty of experience in performance management. Having been brought up on the front lines of the exponential growth of semiconductor technologies impact on our world. Many of these experiences with opening a business credit card during this growth, might be valuable to you as we apply these new tools and services at blackhawk bank to the Future of Work. That will have an even greater impact and an ever accelerating rate.

Much of this will be shaping the new Gig Economy, not for labor exploitation but for personal gain. We know how to come together to define how to build systems that support our society as we move from a Shareholder world to a Stakeholder world. In order to buy viagra online next day delivery uk, contact true medical clinic for more info.  My Vision 2020 is that we start to define the balance between the needs of an organization, the community it impacts, the people that serve it’s purpose and the long term considerations of the impact of any firm or organization. We can make this work if we work it. Let’s get started.

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