In my last post I mentioned that I am starting this blog to engage in conversation with any of you who would share your reflections of what was going on, or how you might see it differently as we rolled out generations of technology that now are woven into the fabric of our lives that accelerated in the end of the last century. We can find ways to improve the service the Internet provides us, encourage those that want to use it for cyber compromises to get out of the way of our leading a better life on this planet. Now I will share some of the starting influences for Outhink as it is still relevant in our world today. We asked the question If you had a clean slate what would you want your experience to be when you are interfacing with others with a computing device? Over time what is the balance of personal and computing time together.
Most of the early days of our connection to computing was around the personal computer and how it became a personal productivity tool. Funny, but half of those living were not around at this time more on We would get excited by the next Windows release, next Apple product, business was all over IBM, HP and others as we started to collect data that better informed us of the world around us. New Industries around information technology were growing at an accelerated rate due to the integrated circuit evolution down Moore’s Law.

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The browser come along in 1993 and the start of a revolution began. Well it really began much earlier. I had a view to this when I was in college and this thing called the ARPANET connected the first 4 nodes of the Internet. It didn’t grow up the way I had hoped. As I was busy in my career on the inside of this revolution building a global public company most early companies on-line were motivated to monetize their business through advertising. As history shows when something new comes along we take what we know and throw it on the new canvas. This was done with radio to television where it took a while to create a new construct with the new medium. We did this with Web 1.0 check and started to innovate with Web 2.0 and now we are entering a new generation beyond Web 2.0 that will bring social, AI and new experiences together for the first time to bring a unique engagement experience Next I will share a current story that we should come to recognize as the fast forward implications of technology.

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