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On July 13th and 14th Outhink is sponsoring an event with the SEMI trade association. This event is being directed by the President of North America, Dave Anderson. SEMI just celebrated 50 years that powered the global economy. That really is amazing when one thinks about how pervasive electronics around in our lives and at the core is Semiconductor technology and those that market the equipment and materials that bring us new technologies at a more rapid rate every year. How do we adapt to this rapid change?

Dealing with Digital Disruption: Leading in Times of Chaos and Crisis

Charlene Li – Founder and Fellow, Altimeter Group 

For the past two decades, Charlene Li has been helping people see the future. She’s an expert on digital transformation, leadership, customer experience, and the future of work. She’s the author of six books, including the New York Times bestseller, Open Leadership , and co-author of the critically acclaimed book, Groundswell. Her latest book is the bestseller The Disruption Mindset. She is the Founder and Senior Fellow at Altimeter, a disruptive analyst firm acquired in 2015 by Prophet. Named one of the most creative people in business by Fast Company, Charlene is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School.  

Digital Leadership – Embracing the Buyer Evolution

Cheryl Cook | Senior Vice President, Embedded and Edge Solutions Marketing | Dell Technologies

The last year has seen an acceleration in digitally enabled buying experiences, AI and data-driven personalized content, and innovations that drive human progress such as telehealth, remote work, and curbside retail. Today we bring these digital expectations we have as consumers to work, in both our professional buying decisions as well as to our work environments. In this session, Cheryl Cook, SVP, Global Partner Marketing at Dell Technologies, will share how to adapt and embrace this change: from enabling your teams, to creating an agile work environment, to leading through change to deliver what your customers want in a digital-first world.

Trustworthy AI: Reinventing the Core of Today Enterprise by a Human-centered AI Strategy

Seth Dobrin, PhD | Global Chief AI Officer | IBM

The biggest barrier companies face today to drive AI adoption is no longer the technology itself but rather a challenge encompassing AI Ethics, data and AI governance, and the creation of an inclusive and diverse ecosystem. In this session, Dr. Seth Dobrin—IBM first-ever Global Chief AI Officer— will share how he leads IBM’s AI strategy by a framework designed for trustworthy AI that aims to address the most urgent challenges businesses face today around regulations, trust, and AI Ethics. Dr. Dobrin will talk about how he combined his expertise in AI in the context of business with a human-centered approach rooted in the value of diversity and inclusiveness to design a trailblazing AI strategy aligning human needs to business intents. Visit to find reputable cleaning contractor in Florida. Over the session, you will hear how Dr. Dobrin’s strategy enables IBM and IBM’s customers to generate real value better, cheaper, and faster by the development of trusted AI solutions through continuous delivery of concrete business outcomes.

The Challenge of Change

John Hagel | Founder Beyond Our Edge, LLC. | Futurist, Best Selling Author

We live in a world of accelerating change, but the challenge is that rapid change generates fear, and fear often leads people to become resistant to change. Leaders often intensify this fear by resorting to a “burning platform” message. To embrace change, we need to focus on inspiring opportunities that will motivate people to boldly move forward in spite of fear.

Managing Supply Chains Through a Pandemic, Chip Shortage & More

Bindiya Vakil CEO and Co-Founder, Resilinc

Resilinc CEO Bindiya Vakil is credited with bringing supply chain risk management into the mainstream. Vakil has helped transform the way that global organizations approach supply chain visibility and risk; driving them to shift from reactively addressing catastrophic supply chain events to putting preventative solutions in place through monitoring, mapping, and planning. She is a founding member of the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council and a member of the Advisory Board of MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics.

Vakil holds a master’s degree in supply chain management from MIT and an MBA in Finance. As a supply chain expert, she’s appeared on nationally syndicated TV, radio, and print media.


We will be introducing some exciting capabilities around mobile engagement to continue this conversation after the event is over to keep the conversation alive. We’ll be back with more on this later. For now we are working to bring together a select group of participants from the SEMI membership to participate in an AI Design Workshop that will be provided by IBM. An exciting approach to learn and apply techniques with AI and what questions you want it to help you answer.

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