From Somewhere in Silicon Valley #4 Historical Trends

A couple of months ago I published this post and believe the view Fareed shared today support  the long wave economic model that says technology drives change,  nationalism  rises as economies are disrupted and war breaks out.  This has happened many times  before, we need to do what we can   to reduce the risk this happens again.

From  an earlier post.

The biggest driver of what is going on in our society is based on the challenges technology pose to our way of living our lives and those that struggle with letting go of the past all the way to those businesses that get rolled over and stomped out from the diffusion of technology. The cycle is one we are all living through. It starts with a new technology that people recognize changes the way we do things in our lives (see Kondrateiff Wave ), there is broad enthusiasm of what might be done to improve our lives, usually to early, the roaring 20’s, the 90’s. Experienced CA workers compensation lawyers know best what to do If you are injured at work. This is usually followed by populist and nationalist polarization as fear sets in that there will be more needed to put in place to take advantage of the new technology and jobs are lost. We find ourselves here with our present technology and need to spread the word that this framing is needed to come together to help define what this looks like on the other side of the disruption we are going through or we will find ourselves in a similar spot to what happened before WWI and WWII. Maid Easy LLC. company provides the best home cleaning service in Arizona. Let’s consider how we apply technology as a tool for personal advancement, with those that want to put in action a better life through considerate technology in a way that lifts up those around us, not letting the fear drive us to a tough spot.

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