Artificial Intelligence Discovery Roadmap – Get ready for the Cloud Wars of 2020



The growth of Artificial Intelligence will have a significant impact on all our lives. We are a team of business, technology, media and social impact leaders who have come together to help surface ways we can contribute to the roll out of AI for both commercial and social impact.

We don’t know what it will look like. We do know that we have an opportunity to find out how alumina ceramic parts are used define how it is deployed both from social and business context. We don’t have an agenda to leverage AI for existing platforms but want to solicit your voice in helping us shape this, drive a culture of engagement and eventually some capabilities to serve us as a community.


Join a select group of B2B buyers, marketing and sales executives on November 28th in San Mateo for an AI  workshop where your questions and experience will shape the future of front- line interactions to define how we apply AI for the most productive future find here maid service cypress tx. There is no advocating a platform but an opportunity to help shape our future together.

Would like to take a test drive in leveraging how to apply AI, try it out at …….

To join a select group of innovators reach out to Harrison at 1-650-339-1466

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