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Outhink started out as a digital media incubator to build applications for the secure social Internet. We believe that great progress in made in collaborative experiences. We were recognized for being one of the first companies to demonstrate cloud based applications, social network, large file sharing, collaboration applications during a keynote from the CEO of Intel.


Dave Toole

Interim CEO, Dave ran technology company, grew revenues from $25M to $250M while globalizing the business and taking it public. His company helped develop a dozen generations of technology for the likes of Intel. Dave took 5 products to the #1 spot, globalized the company, took it public and sold it in 2001 at a 20X gain for investors. Dave is well recognized as a supply chain, digital media and video expert. Dave runs MediaMobz a company that enables brands to scale their original video content. MediaMobz was incubated by Outhink.

Paul Mace

CTO Paul was instrumental in the invention of the defragmentation of hard disk drives and found Mace Utilities that was sold to Symantec. Paul came to Outhink from TIVO where he was responsible in helping to build the infrastructure for the TIVO DVR service. While at Outhink Paul was co-author of the bi-directional patents granted to Outhink. Paul is able to take the complexities of present computing architectures and connect them to market opportunities.

Eric Zimmerman

Responsible for Software Engineering for SpinXpress. Developed the desktop application and Directory Services. He has worked in many sectors of the Software Industry doing embedded programming for Sharp Research Labs, Web development for Active Arts Sports Portals, and now Desktop Applications and Networking/Security Engineering for SpinXpress.

Mike Osborne

Mike has an extensive background in technology strategy and development. He brings a wealth of knowledge and over 25 years of experience in technology management experience from his professional positions and educational background. Mike worked with major telecom and cable companies as well as video production companies to optimize data and video development and deployment.

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